Earth-Based Institute is committed to increasing your confidence in facilitating transformative experiences in nature. Whether you strive to work as a wilderness guide, an outdoor educator, a life-coach, counselor, or therapist, our Nature Connected Coaching and Transformational Wilderness Guide certification programs will enhance your skills.

This education can also be professionally applied to: Psychotherapy, Wilderness Therapy, Vision Quest Guiding, Outdoor Education, Adventure Education, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Counseling, Workshop and Retreat Facilitation, Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Community Development and Adult Education.

Earth-Based Institute is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA. We also provide personal coaching and individualized wilderness experiences for clients who strive to become active participants in healing their relationships with themselves, others and the natural world. EBI was created as a venue for people to enhance their lives by working through the beliefs and patterns that get in the way of following dreams and living a life of passion and meaning.