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Looking to Nature - Part 2

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Looking to Nature as an Outdoor Professional

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As a professional coach or guide, what occurs during the dynamic process of looking to nature is extremely important. While we, too, are always looking to nature to help create awareness in our clients, opening this doorway for them is a powerful reminder of how they have everything they need to answer their own questions, and to reach their own goals. Additionally, looking to nature means understanding the natural processes that are involved with personal growth and change, so as a guide, you can collaborate with and rely upon them. Remember, you are nature! Everything about you is part of nature. Understanding what naturally happens internally for an individual as they look to nature can support the change process tremendously.

What is Coaching? Part 2

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Part 2: The Role of the Professional Coach

What is Coaching? Part 2

Coaching is a profession that capitalizes on health and vitality - not pain, disease, victimization, and suffering. Additionally, Professional Coaches understand that models, tools and assessments are ways to help clients gain awareness of themselves. Any motivation clients experience from an assessment or a tool is not borne of the assessment, tool or even the coach - the motivation arises from the awareness that is gained or the internal conflict that is resolved as a result of the self-reflection inherent to the model. A Professional Coach strives to be skilled at noticing that motivation, highlighting it and helping clients harness it to achieve their goals. 

What is Coaching? Part 1

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Part 1: Coach or Professional Coach

What is Coaching?  Part 1

Some of my Nature-Connected Coaching students have talked to me about their hesitation in labeling themselves as coaches. They told me that they have come against a “negative stigma”  about coaches in their networking for new clients. This conversation has inspired these next two blog posts on Professional Coaching.