TWG Instructor Guidance: The Sit Spot

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Written by Darren S. Silver

TWG Instructor Guidance: The Sit Spot

Bird migrations have passed through lifting the veil of winter and revealing the gifts of seeds sown by fall as plants jump out of the ground and life begins to grow again.  In sight of the migrating birds I often feel the need to explore, engage in adventure and connect with the turning of the season and all the wildness that begins to move in all directions of spring.  It is such a wonderful feeling to connect and be a part of the earth coming to life again.

This is also a time when students are inundated with wrapping up semesters and a lot of outdoor guides and educators become profoundly busy.  A conflict can ensue with wanting to be playing outside, and having to do something else.


For a lot of us, our connection to nature is critical to our sense of peace, happiness and even purpose.


So, how do we maintain our connection to the land on a moment-to-moment basis, regardless of where we are or what we are doing?


At EBI we teach the Sit Spot.  The Sit Spot is an age-old technique used by all of the great teachers.  The Sit Spot is simply a spot in nature to connect and study life.   We can silence ourselves and listen, learn, become inspired, heal, give thanks, be a part of nature, and reconnect to the ebb and flow of nature that through dedication will strengthen the connection to a point where everything you do, comes from the heart of our Sit Spot.


The idea is, through a dedicated practice of connecting to nature through the sit spot, we will establish and anchor our relationship so that no matter the conditions, we will remain grounded in our connection to life.


So with curiosity and adventure, we hope you find yourself a spot in nature and begin the journey to deep connection!