Nature with it’s purity, wildness, and harsh realities provides a superb context for healing and personal discovery that is unmatched.EBI’s wilderness trips focus on nature immersion, self-discovery, and adventure. Our goal is to provide high-quality, life changing experiences.

  • Wilderness Directions
  • Wilderness Quests

A Personalized Growth Experience in the Wilderness

Wilderness Directions is a one-on-one, or two-on-one wilderness experience focused entirely on one’s personal growth. It is an intensive experience that provides clarity and direction for those trying to bring about change in life and career. It can be used to enhance and support one’s current growth, or serve as a singular life-changing experience. Wilderness Directions is an effective tool for self-reflection, metaphor, and healing. Outings are created based on the needs of the individual. They range between 1 and 7 days long and take place in a location that is most appropriate for the need of the client.

What You can Expect From a Wilderness Directions Experience:

  • Complete attention to supporting your personal growth.
  • A safe, thoughtful, and dynamic approach.
  • Pre and post experience support.
  • Integration of Gestalt Psychology, Life-Coaching and Wilderness Guiding.
  • Contemplative experiences.
  • Instruction of basic wilderness skills (if appropriate).

Wilderness Directions is Most Effective if You:

  • Are serious and committed to living a successful and conscious life.
  • Have a love for nature (wilderness experience is not required).
  • Are wanting to understand more about your purpose in life and how to listen to the guidance of your soul.
  • Are willing and able to take 1-7 days off to be in the wilderness.
  • Are seeking the support to work intensively with current life issues and struggles.
  • Are seeking enhancement in relationship, career and life.
  • Are currently in therapy and are open to creating a wilderness experience that supports the therapeutic process (not required).

Please contact us for more information about creating a personalized wilderness experience


Wilderness Quests

The wilderness is a highly effective medium for self-discovery, rites of passage, and spiritual renewal. Its rhythms, beauty and harsh realities act as perfect mirrors that reflect deep truths about who we are as individuals. By marking transitions such as college graduation, career change, relationship change, and overall “inertia,” we are empowered to seek direction, purpose, and commitment to our higher callings.

On all of our quests, participants are supported in developing a strong, clear intention through, pre-trip coaching, nature awareness, contemplative exercises, group council, ceremony and ritual, and reflective inquiry.

This 8-10 day wilderness experience culminates in a three- to four-day “Vision Fast Ceremony,” a powerful “Medicine Walk,” or another wilderness rite of passage ceremony appropriate for your needs. Most importantly, you will gain practical and effective tools, and be supported by post-trip coaching, to help successfully incorporate growth into your day-to-day lives.

What you can expect from an EBI Wilderness Quest:

  • Ceremony and ritual
  • How to prepare for, participate in, and integrate a Wilderness Quest
  • Community and Friendship
  • Deeper connection to nature
  • A greater sense of self and personal responsibility
  • Tools for living the Vision

Please contact us for more information. 

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