NCC Curricular Outline

Learning Modules and Learning Goals

Foundation Module 1: Immersion, Relationship & Connection

  • Understand and deepen your relationship to nature
  • Explore deep listening and attunement skills, and become aware of your unique “coaching presence”
  • Understand the definition of coaching
  • Learn about ICF Coaching Ethics and Core Competencies
  • Begin to experiment with collaboration with the natural world to create transformational and illuminating experiences for others

Foundation Module 2: Ecopsychology and Setting the Nature-Connected Coaching Container

  • Explore the stages of nature-based ceremony and how they provide structure to the Coaching Container.
  • The Art of Questioning and Powerful Questions.
  • Setting intentions and session specific “contracts”
  • Intro to Deep Listening.
  • Strengthening your Coaching Presences

Foundation Module 3: Crossing the Threshold: The Unknown and Deep Listening

  • Working with the Unknown
  • Collaborative-Coaching with Nature
  • “Re-contracting”
  • Levels of Deep Listening.
  • Strengthening your Coaching Presence

Foundation Module 4: Creating Awareness and Facilitating Integration

  • Creating Awareness through experimentation, questions and interventions
  • Integration and creating next steps
  • Following-up and Accountability
  • Guiding a complete Nature-Connected Coaching experience
  • Exploring your professional and personal Vision.

Toolbox Module: Partswork 1

  • Discovering the Mandala of Self
  • Partswork as a tool for client self-awareness, self-acceptance, integration and forward thinking.
  • Basic Partswork facilitation
  • Deep Listening

Toolbox Module: Change Theory, Transitions, and Models of Transformation

  • Long-Term Coaching
  • Working through the Stages of Change
  • Working with Transition
  • The Four-Directions as a model for personal development
  • Transformational Learning

Toolbox Module: Neuroscience for Wilderness Guides and Nature-Connected Coaches

  • Brain Science for Coaches
  • Your Brain on Nature
  • Story, Myth and Ritual
  • Brainwaves and Entrainment

Toolbox Module: Bringing it all together #1

  • Review
  • Using multiple approaches
  • All change happens in the brain

Toolbox Module: Partswork 2

  • Nature-Based Mandala Facilitation
  • Creating focused actions and integrative work.
  • The power of Soul and the Integrative Self 
  • Tracking subtle shifts

Toolbox Module: Using Gestalt Therapy Principals in NCC

  • How basic Gestalt principals enhance the your coaching presence, client awareness, your active listening skills, and support trust and intimacy with your client.
  • Tracking subtleties
  • The power of the present moment
  • Gestalt experiments in nature

Toolbox Module: Coaching through Traumatic Reactions  and Strong Emotions

  • Understand what trauma is and how it effects the nervous system.
  • Learn how to use your presence as a coach to help your client move through strong emotions and stay focused on goals and outcomes while learning more about their own nervous system and how to regulate it.
  • Mindfulness
  • Body-Centered Therapy

Toolbox Module: Working with Grief and Loss and Bringing it all Together #2

  • Practice and Q/A
  • Effective ways for coaching a client if his or her grieving process comes up during a session.
  • Nature-Connected Grief Work

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