Essential Practices for Nature-Connected Entrepreneurs 

by Michael Jospe

This month’s EBI Live focused on five essential practices for nature-connected entrepreneurs (see video clip below). When I was developing this program I thought a lot about what Nature has to show us about making a living, surviving, and thriving. The one component that stood out more than any other is how the success of any living being is tied directly to its adaptability. So, what can nature show us about how to be adaptable in regards to the development of our career-based offerings to the world?

First, I want to say that most Nature-Connected Entrepreneurs are unique visionaries. They are not necessarily business-minding individuals, but instead, it’s their strong connection to nature that motivates a calling to creatively help and inspire others. For most of us, making money is essential, but having a purpose behind that income is even more primary. It’s more than just doing what you love, it’s about making a positive difference in the world. For many of us, it’s the commitment to our Visions that directs our education for how to grow and improve.

Nature shows us that new opportunities are discovered through its response to the need in the moment. If you watch wild animals (who are always walking that narrow balance of day-to-day survival) you’ve noticed how they adjust behavior based on what is changing in their environment. Their survival depends on sensing (or listening) and anticipation. For example, how do birds and animals “know” when to migrate? What changes in the environment trigger the response (inspiration) to take action? When you consider the changes that are occurring due to climate change you get a sense of which animals will struggle to survive as their environment shifts more dramatically than they are designed for. Yet, there will be some that push beyond those boundaries and adapt even more to survive. Thankfully, many of us are called to do something, even in our personal lives, to take leadership steps to help the situation.

Nature Connected Entrepreneurs experience their business ideas like creative downloads of inspiration. Ideas connect deep inside forming a strong feeling and knowing. Oftentimes, that clear, motivational feeling is accompanied by a frustratingly vague sense of imagery and a lack of words to describe it. That vagueness is often the cause of so many abandoned callings. What if that calling was an affirmation of your intuitive and adaptive abilities. What if it was your way of knowing how you can respond with leadership to what is needed most now in the world?

Each one of us is unique in what we hear when it comes to Vision. That, I believe, is directly related to what is in our power to respond to. And, if you are one that inherently understands and seeks out the transformative gifts of Nature in your own life, there is a good chance that you’ve connected with thoughts of how you can inspire others to experience Nature in that way as well. If you were to review those inspirations you’ll notice how your unique strengths and gifts are included.

Whether you are just now starting to hear the call or you’ve been following it for many years already, there are five important nature-connected practices that can support the longevity and success of your business. These practices can provide important direction for business planning, decision making, and marketing the services we offer. They provide us methods for listening, processing what we hear, and strengthening our adaptability:

  1. Sit Area – A place of solitude to quietly observe and listen to Nature.
  2. Wilderness Questing – Either an intentional seeking of clarity and direction through extended solo time in the deep wilderness or, an intentional ceremony of commitment and trust through solo time in deep wilderness.
  3. Daily rituals for listening to Self, Soul, and Spirit- A way to bring soul-directed planning, purpose, and leadership into each moment of your day.
  4. Asking questions- Questions that bring our awareness into the present moment. For example, what am I noticing?
  5. Vision Maintenance – A regular practice of defining which direction Vision is calling you towards.
Developing Awareness

The most important ingredient to your success is your commitment. There is no tool, plan, or road map to success that does not require commitment. The EBI Live session goes into detail on each of these practices with the intention of inspiring your commitment to your Vision in manageable and realistic ways.

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