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We offer two certifications:

  1. Nature-Connected Coach
  2. Transformational Wilderness Guide

Nature-Connected Coach

Nature-Connected Coach (NCC) is our core program and the certification of completion is approved by the International Coach Federation for over 315 hours of coach specific training (see below).  In order to obtain an NCC certification, students must complete:

  • All 12 learning module requirements
  • Attend all five face-to-face intensives
  • Participate in six observed coaching/guiding sessions to obtain direct and supportive feedback
  • Submit one recorded and transcribed coaching session

We estimate an additional 5-8 hours of self-paced participation a week

Transformational Wilderness Guide

The Transformational Wilderness Guide certification (TWG) is an additional training program designed for those who desire to work with clients in the remote wilderness. It consists of a wilderness quest and wilderness leadership training. Previous experience and training will be considered. Based on that experience, requirements and costs could be reduced. The tuition for the the entire TWG certification is $3500

Wilderness Quest

The Wilderness Quest is such an important experience for anyone who plans to guide others into deeper self-understanding and nature connection.  This program can be taken as a standalone or as part of the TWG certification, and it can be taken at anytime (before, during, or after you complete your NCC training).  To obtain this requirement as part of the TWG certification, it is essential that previous experience includes:

  1. A guided ceremony by an organization or individual who specializes in wilderness rites of passage or Vision Quests.
  2. Includes a four day/four night wilderness solo-fast

The cost for EBI’s Wilderness Quest is $1500.  Click here for more information about our quests

We offer Wilderness Quests every year and they are open to all members of the EBI community.

Wilderness Leadership

The Wilderness Leadership training is a 14-day wilderness program that goes through all the important leadership skills necessary to guide others into remote wilderness.  Seven of the days is an actual backpacking trip where, as a small group, you get the first-hand experience with the leadership skills:

  • Camp set up, cooking, navigation and wilderness travel, wilderness survival skills, packing and planning, map, compass, and gps skills, safety, leave-no-trace ethics, group dynamics, and more.

The cost of EBI’s Wilderness Leadership training is $2000. We offer this training only to our NCC students who have completed a Wilderness Quest and only when the demand is there. For more information, please contact Michael

*While we do discuss first aid and emergency, Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certifications are not included. 

The Last Five Days...

So, what happens if you already have the required experience and training for our TWG certification?

The last five days of the 14-day leadership course is a culminating experience where you are invited to put all the pieces together:  the NCC skills with the wilderness skills. Here you will experience what it’s like to be both guided and guide a 24-hour 1:1 transformational wilderness excursion, with the support and observation of the EBI instructors. This is the very last step to obtaining your TWG certification and based on previous experience and training can be taken as a stand-alone program. The time in between the 24 hours excursions is used for preparation, process, feedback and instruction.

“The last five days” tuition is $650 and is offered on an as need basis.

International Coach Federation

Our program offers a direct path to obtaining an internationally recognized credential as a Professional Coach.

The ICF offers three different levels of credentialing that are based on experience and education.

Click here to see the different levels are and how EBI’s certification program supports your goals

Academic Accreditation

Our NCC and TWG programs are academically accredited through Western State Colorado University and the network of Colorado state colleges. A student who wishes to obtain credits and acquire an academic transcript for their training at EBI can register, through WSCU, for either undergraduate or graduate level credits.  Please contact WSCU Extended Studies for more information at +1 (970)-943-2885.

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