Tuition and Financial Aid

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Tuition and Deposit

Nature-Connected Coaching Tuition: $11,200 us


      • All of the twelve learning modules and the five face-to-face intensives
      • Entrepreneurial and career mentoring
      • ICF Mentor Coaching
      • Support in obtaining the IFC credential
      • Personal coaching and direct mentoring
      • Return as often as you want for refreshers
      • Lifetime access to the online classroom and community
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Payment Plans

A $2500 non-refundable deposit is required for registration. The remaining tuition balance can be paid in full or paid off through one of our payment plans.

Payment plans are optional. We work with TFC Tuition Financing to offer payment plans between 6-30 months.

All tuition payments are transferable but non-refundable.

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Additional Costs and Related Expenses

In addition to your tuition, you can expect these additional expenses:

  • Travel, lodging, and food
  • Books (approx $60-$100 us)
  • Outdoor and camping gear when needed
  • ICF related fees (membership and/or credential costs)
  • Additional coaching or therapeutic support, if suggested
  • Costs involved in producing transcriptions for recorded coaching sessions – optional
  • Wilderness Guide Certification costs – optional and previous experience will be considered
      • $1500 for Wilderness Quest
      • $2000 for Leadership Training

Scholarship and promotions

We offer two $2500 tuition reduction scholarships for each cohort.  Scholarships are only available to those who us a payment plan to pay their tuition. The application is a business plan Scholarships are awarded based on professional commitment, not financial status.  We want to see a full-fledged business plan that shows your intentions for this work and how the EBI training will support both your impact and financial goals.

Once an application/plan is submitted, it will be reviewed. Unless it meets our standards for completion, it will be sent back with feedback to be updated.  That updated draft will then be added to the list of completed applications.  We only accept applications from registered and committed students, as this is more about EBI investing in your future, rather than just reducing your costs. We want to invest in students who are 100% committed to their future. Please be sure your commitment extends beyond your dependency on obtaining a scholarship before applying.

Once awarded, the student’s tuition balance due will be adjusted immediately resulting in either (student’s choice) a reduction in monthly payment amount of loan length.

Here’s how the process works and the timelines involved.

  1. Complete the NCC registration process.
  2. Submit your business plan within 30 days after registration and 60 before the start of your program. Applications submitted after within the 60-day window will not be accepted.
  3. Applications will be reviewed after the 60-day window. If revisions are required, feedback will be sent promptly during that time with a due date for a final draft.
  4. Final decisions will be made 30-days before the start of the program and payment plan balances will be updated immediately to affect the remaining balance due.
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Other kinds of tuition support

Americorp Credit

Through our partnership with Western State Colorado University, it is easy to pay our tuition if you have Americorp educational credit.  This will require you to use some of the funds to pay for WSCU academic credit. Please contact WSCU extended studies for more detail (click here).  Just tell them you are looking to attend Earth-Based Institute’s Nature Connected Coaching program and would like to use your Americorp Credit to pay for the tuition:   +1 (970) 943-2885

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