The Admissions Process for our Nature-Connected Coaching Program

– Anna Nielson

Our passion at The Earth-Based Institute is supporting personal and professional leadership through nature-connection and Professional Coaching.  In honor of those passions, the Nature-Connected Coaching (NCC) Program was developed, almost 20 years ago.

So, how do you get started with our training program?  It’s as easy as registering.  As an admission’s guide, I understand that registering for a new program can be intimidating.  My name is Anna, and my intention in creating this brief read is to create an easeful transition into our NCC program.  Allow me to take you on a quick tour of the admissions process into our ICF approved NCC program.

Once you contact us, an admission’s guide will reach out to you to talk about your unique vision and motivation in becoming a Nature-Connected Coach.  This also presents a great opportunity to get oriented with the structure of our NCC program, tuition details, multiple payment plans, accreditation, and in-person, hybrid and online options.

During our phone conversation, we’ll get a sense of which start date suits you best, I’ll answer your questions about the options available to you, and we’ll discuss financial details.  Once you feel EBI is the right fit for you, I’ll give you the homework of filling out our application.  The application takes about 30 minutes to complete, there is no cost to fill it out, and it doesn’t enroll you in the program, but it does help you clarify why you are called to take this next step in your life and career. 

Something to be aware of in the application- we ask for three references.  When considering references, choose non-relatives who know and value you- someone who recognizes your integrity and respects your Vision.  Upon receiving your application, an in person or virtual interview is then scheduled.

One specific question I’d like to address now is: “What qualifications do I need to start the program?”  It’s important for those who are interested to know that your personal Vision is qualification enough.  We aren’t as focused on what you’ve done in your past, as much as we are focused on who it is you are choosing to become, today.

I often find that prospective students are curious about offerings outside of the scheduled intensives.  Upon registration, students are matched with a student mentor.  Our student mentors have graduated from our NCC program and are a great asset in guiding students as they move through the program.  Using nature-connected practices and holding compassionate space, mentors support our students based on their individual needs, thus creating long-lasting, meaningful bonds.

Additionally, EBI offers online, weekly and monthly meetings for integration, practice coaching, and career and business development. As an NCC student you will have access to our online programs such as EBI Live and Nature-Connected Leadership courses.  One aspect that really sets EBI apart, is the invitation for all of our graduates to refresh their training by joining us for future intensives, at no additional cost!  This provides them with the opportunity to further develop skills and stay connected.

two people walking in grass with blue sky
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I’d like to make note of a few financial opportunities available to students.  

Early-Bird Tuition Incentives are offered up to two months before a Cohort’s start date, with even greater discounts available earlier in the year.  Financial aid and payment plans are available through a trusted financing company.  We offer two tuition reduction scholarships per cohort, and we are always happy to meet and learn more about your unique situation, remaining curious as to what we can do to support you in living your Vision. We are passionate about what we have created within EBI and we want to share it with you!

Upon receiving the non-refundable deposit and signing a tuition agreement, you are a registered student!  The deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferable.   

Are you interested in knowing more?  Submit your contact information here to receive our brochure and we’ll be in touch!

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