Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services

Coaching provides a thought-provoking, creative, and relational context that can inspire people to realize their potential in their personal and professional lives. Hiring a coach to support you though challenging situations and life transitions can be a one of the most beneficial choices you could make. Earth-Based Institute offers therapeutic coaching to two different populations of clients:

1. Families who are struggling to stay connected through challenging times
2. Individuals who are in transition.

Our coaching session occur outdoors, or in the home or office of our clients. After reading below, if you need more information about how EBI can support you or your family, please contact us.

  • Life Coaching

    Coaching is a transformative process that helps people move forward in their lives. It is both therapeutic and empowering, and can be a powerful support process for many different life and career situations; from learning communication skills, to improving your effectiveness and performance, to finding purpose, meaning and direction.

    EBI offers an evidence-based approach to personal coaching that is designed to help an individual develop a strong sense of inner wisdom and direction for navigating through change and growth.

    At one time or another, we all find ourselves at a point where having support to be successful and get through a life challenge is essential.

    Is EBI Coaching for you?

    • Are you seeking more out of life, but not sure how to go about it?
    • Are you struggling in your relationships and are not quite sure how move through the negative patterns?
    • Are you feeling like you could be more effective at work and need support in changing?
    • Have you had a life changing experience and are seeking support in integrating it into your life?
    • Are you feeling stuck and unmotivated and are seeking a renewed sense of purpose and meaning?

    Over the years EBI has developed a unique approach that is grounded in several effective process modalities such as: gestalt psychology, mindfulness and contemplative practices, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral psychology, mind-body therapy, and wilderness therapy.

    The process is flexible and will move and change with you as your path becomes more defined. Meetings are a place to process your experience in a non-judgmental and confidential environment, and contemplative exercises are created after each meeting to support growth and integration.

    What makes our coaching approach effective:

    • Involves long-term support.
    • Builds self-awareness.
    • Strengthens spiritual awareness.
    • Focuses on empowerment.
    • Involves nature and wilderness when appropriate.
    • It is holistic in that it incorporates Self, Soul and Spirit.
    • It is educational.
    • Draws on the research found change theory, neuroscience and neuroplasticity.

    For more information and to schedule a free initial coaching consultation please contact us and let us know how we can help. 

  • Parent and Family Coaching

    Navigating through the challenges of adolescents is difficult for both the teenager and the parents. Successful families focus on maintaining high levels of healthy connection and communication through conflict and emotions.  When communication and connection weakens or is lost, professional support and guidance is essential. Parent and family coaching is a specialized form of support that brings a professional coach and therapist into your home to help your family manage challenges in a very practical, immediate and structure way.

    Overview of Support

    • On-call, in the moment consulting and coaching during challenging times
    • In the home, consistent, and long-term
    • Individualized programs to meet the needs of your family
    • Regular family sessions
    • Techniques for family meetings and open dialogues
    • Structure and facilitation for difficult topics
    • Creates family bonding and supports healing
    • Reduces stress
    • Goal-oriented and results-driven
    • Collaborative between the family and coach
    • Creates a team environment with personal therapists to ensure integration.
    • Effective after-care program
    • Possible alternative to expensive residential treatment programs.

    For the Parents

    • Learn to confidently and calmly address negative behaviors and intense emotions.
    • Effectively use rules and consequences that are created in the best interest of your teenager’s future and rooted in your own values and personal boundaries.
    • Support in holding consequences and maintaining connection with your teenager while taking action from a place of love and understanding while staying firm and clear.
    • Communication skills and techniques for understanding your teenager.
    • Learn how to ask questions and create meaningful dialogue with your teenager that promotes trust, connection, honesty, and healthy choices.
    • Understand negative behaviors, teenage logic, and the teenage brain.
    • Stress management and personal health
    • Personal life-coaching
    • Relationship coaching

    For the Teenager

    • Mentoring and coaching
    • Consistent face to face meetings
    • Focused on moving forward and engaging with life
    • Goal-oriented
    • Communication skills
    • Increase Self awareness and Self-esteem
    • Problem solving 
skills and big picture thinking
    • Therapeutic support and counseling
    • Stress management
    • Use of the outdoors and adventure whenever possible