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Hiring a coach to support you through challenging situations or major transitions can be a life-changing decision. Our certified coaches can help you realize your potential in your personal and professional life, or guide your family through times of crisis.

Earth-Based Institute (EBI) offers life coaching to:

  • individuals in transition     read more>>
  • families struggling through challenging times     read more>>

Coaching occurs outdoors, or in your home or office.

We also offer:

Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.

—Pete Carroll

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Earth-Based Institute Life Coaching

At one time or another, we all find ourselves at a point where outside support is essential to success. EBI’s evidence-based coaching is a transformative, therapeutic process. Our approach is designed to help you move forward.

•  Are you feeling stuck and unmotivated?
•  Do you want more from life?
•  Are you struggling in your relationships?
•  Do you want to become more effective at work?
•  Have you had a life changing experience?
•  Do you want to change negative patterns?

Evidence-based Coaching

EBI Life Coaching is flexible, changing with you as your path becomes defined. Coaching sessions offer a non-judgmental and confidential environment, and include exercises created to support growth and integration.

EBI‘s unique approach draws on research found in change theory, neuroscience and neuroplasticity. It is grounded in such effective practices as:

  • gestalt psychology
  • mindfulness and contemplative practices
  • positive psychology
  • cognitive behavioral psychology
  • mind-body therapy
  • wilderness therapy

Your success stems from our effective, holistic approach:

  • building self-awareness
  • strengthening spiritual awareness
  • focusing on empowerment
  • involving nature and wilderness when appropriate
  • long-term support

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Earth-Based Institute Parent and Family Coaching

Navigating adolescence is challenging for teenagers and parents. Successful families focus on healthy connection and communication. When that connection is weakened or lost during times of conflict or high emotion, professional guidance is essential.

Support Overview

EBI Parent and Family Coaching is specialized support that brings a professional coach/therapist into your home to help your family in a practical, structured way. Our consulting is:

  • on-call, in the moment
  • individualized to meet your family needs
  • consistent and long-term
  • collaborative between the family and coach

EBI Parent and Family Coaching can provide an alternative to expensive residential treatment programs and includes after care. Our coaches offer goal-oriented, results-driven techniques for family support sessions, which:

  • provide structure and facilitation for difficult topics
  • create family bonding and support healing
  • reduce stress

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For Parents

EBI Parent and Family Coaching teaches you skills to support your teenager, and provides the confidence you need to:

  • understand negative behaviors, teenage logic, and the teenage brain
  • address negative behaviors and intense emotions
  • use rules and consequences rooted in your personal values
  • take action from a place of love while staying firm and clear
  • learn how to ask questions and create meaningful dialogue
  • promote trust, connection, honesty, and healthy choices

EBI coaches recognize that keeping parents strong and healthy is key. In addition to supporting your teen, Parent and Family Coaching includes the following services to support you:

  • stress management and personal health
  • personal life-coaching
  • relationship coaching

For Teenagers

EBI coaching for teens is goal oriented—focused on moving forward and engaging with life. Consistent face-to-face meetings use the outdoors and adventure whenever possible to:

  • improve communication skills
  • increase self-awareness and self-esteem
  • learn problem solving skills and big picture thinking
  • promote stress management
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