Earth-Based Institute Staff

Sheri Peterson, NCC

Sheri is a graduate of EBI’s Nature-Connected Coaching program and continues as a student mentor. Sheri coaches clients through her company, Your PATH Coach, LLC, where PATH stands for Personal Accountability To Harmony. Her passion is to walk alongside seekers, co-creating with them and nature, a life in harmony. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University […]

Michael Jospé, MA, PCC

Earth-Based Institute (EBI) was Founded by Michael Jospé. As a professional coach, educator and wilderness guide, Michael is passionate about helping people learn about themselves while being out in nature. Michael has a BA in Outdoor Recreation Leadership through Western State College in Colorado, an MA in Transformational Learning through Prescott College in Arizona, a […]

Maria Rosa Galter

Maria is a graduate of EBI’s Nature-Connected Coaching program and a current EBI student mentor. Through her coaching practice, Wild Wisdom Coaching, Maria guides clients to seek Nature’s guidance as they tap into their unique wild wisdom to discern their next steps forward. Prior to pursuing her NCC certificate, Maria led a 10-year career in […]

Jen LeCompte

Jen is a graduate of EBI’s Nature Connected Coaching Program and is currently a student mentor.  She seeks to offer space and safe passage while clients explore their inner and outer worlds.  As a guide, Jen loves working with a client’s beliefs, dreams, ancestral wisdom, fears, joys, ways of being, and dark nights of the […]

Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki NCC, TWG, MA

Hannah is a teaching assistant and mentor to students in the Nature Connected Coaching program at Earth-Based Institute. She is a certified Nature-Connected Coach who uses mindfulness and land-based practices to help clients unlock their inherent wisdom and knowing. Hannah was trained in the Groups as Living Systems facilitation model and applies this interconnected framework […]

David Fontaine, NCC, TWG

David is a graduate of EBI’s Nature Connected Coaching program and a Certified Transformational Wilderness Guide. He is a Student Mentor for our NCC program and an instructor for our TWG and Quest programs. David also coaches and guides clients, regularly, while letting his vision of how he’ll bring the work to the world continue […]

Daniel Brisbon, NCC, ACC, TWG

Daniel Brisbon is a teaching assistant and student mentor in the Nature Connected Coaching NCC and Transformational Wilderness Guiding TWG programs at Earth Based Institute. He is a certified Nature Connected Coach and Transformational Wilderness Guide who focuses on aligning people to a place of greater self-awareness and discovery in the great outdoors. He works […]

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