Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki NCC, MAStudent Mentor, Instructor, Program Director

    Hannah is a teaching assistant and mentor to students in the Nature Connected Coaching program at Earth-Based Institute. She is a certified Nature-Connected Coach who uses mindfulness and land-based practices to help clients unlock their inherent wisdom and knowing. Hannah was trained in the Groups as Living Systems facilitation model and applies this interconnected framework to her coaching, wilderness guiding, and group work. Her background with Outward Bound allows her to hold a structure solid enough to support the necessary fluidity, unpredictability, and wildness of unfolding growth and transformation.

    Hannah holds a BA in environmental studies from Clark University and an MA in environmental leadership from Naropa University. Hannah’s work is driven by a passion for global healing and transformation, achieved one interaction at a time, through remembering and re-forging our unique connection to nature, self, and community. 

    Hannah is adjunct faculty at Naropa University, guiding wilderness quests and teaching in the Resilient Leadership program. She is a certified wilderness first responder. Hannah also studied and worked in the food systems change field, deepening her connection to land and people through the intersection of food.

    Hannah loves working with budding change-makers, activists, healers, and folks with a calling to build a better future.

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