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Next Start Date: July 28, 2022

Registration opens May 23, 2022

Transform your life and career through a powerful immersion in nature, community and action

Join us for this three-part, live, online training

level One

Learn the skills to embody a growth mindset and master the tools of a Nature-Connected Leader.

Thursday Evenings 

July 28-September 8, 2022

  • Weekly Live sessions
  • Weekly Small Group Meetings*
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions and the NCL community
  • Direct email access to instructors
  • 20% discount off 1:1 coaching with a certified coach
  • 20% discount off the Fall Wilderness Quest
  • Value: $2500

level Two

Bring your gifts and leadership skills to the world! Learn how to listen and authentically connect with others from a place of cohesion and harmony.

Thursday Evenings

October 6- November 17, 2022

  • Weekly Live sessions
  • Weekly Small Group Meetings*
  • Private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions and the NCL community 
  • Direct email access to instructors  
  • 3, free coaching sessions with one of our hand selected students
  • 20% discount on 1:1 coaching with a certified coach
  • Value: $2500

Level Three

Put your vision into action through the support of coaching and community.

Thursday Evenings, 2x/Month

December 8, 2022 – March 2, 2023

  • 1:1 coaching with Daniel and Michael included!
  • Biweekly live sessions
  • Weekly Small Group Meetings*
  • Private facebook group
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions and the NCL community 
  • Direct email access to instructors
  • 20% discount off the Summer ’23 Wilderness Quest
  • Value: $3500

Who is this program for?

Whether you are already a leader for others, at work or at home, or are just now feeling called to bring forward more of your gifts to the world, this program will be a great fit. This course will give you the tools and motivation to bring your leadership skills from good to great through experiential learning, group support and accountability.

The perfect fit is someone who Feels...

  • A strong desire to make a positive impact on your community, family, and world.
  • A willingness to let go of who you have been and step into a new version of yourself.
  • A commitment to break through old unhealthy patterns and habits so that you can start to create a lifestyle of radical leadership.
  • Ready to turn your hopes wishes and dreams into visions, plans, and actions.
"This course is a beautiful place to begin to journey with Earth-Based Institute. My experience was expansive, affirming and life changing! The course provided a framework for me to step into leadership, and also provided skills to help others step into leadership for themselves. Now more than ever, the collective NEEDS leaders , who operate from a place of deep connection."
Suez Nields
NCL & NCC Grad


Group of people on peak mountain  climbing helping team work , success concept

Learn how to cultivate and maintain a mindset of growth and forward-focused vision so you are leading from within yourself first and having a positive influence on your environment rather than your environment having influence over you.

Register for Nature-Connected Leadership and learn tools and techniques that will help you boost your impact as a leader.


This program will utilize the power of the group mind to enhance your effectiveness as a leader and bring clarity and inspiration to taking action in your life. 

Get connected with a community of supportive and understanding individuals working together to stay inspired and follow Vision.


We don’t want to just give you information, we want to support you to apply it and make something happen. We will work closely with you through all three levels of this training for a deep immersion into becoming the leader you were born to be.  

Attend all 3 sessions of Nature Connected Leadership to experience the full depth and effectiveness of this program. 

Stay grounded through challenging times

The nature awareness and connection exercises we offer will help to gain insight and clarity.  They also have a profound effect on your nervous system. In this way, as a Nature-Connected Leader, you literally bring the power of Nature into whatever situation you are in through your energy and calming presence.

Develop a nature-connected practice that strengthens your effectiveness as a leader and brings Nature into your decisions making in a collaborative and powerful way.

"My personal leadership has been reawakened to the point where it can't be denied or ignored. EBI puts a deep level of care and attention into every one of their students, creating an inclusive, supportive and family-like environment. It's like coming home...and the training sets you up to welcome others home."
David Fontaine

What to expect


Through experiential education and nature immersion our curriculum will guide you into a greater sense of of direction and confidence as a leader. Our focus is on helping you realize your goals and take conscious action on turning them into reality.

No more being a passive bystander! Become an active player.

1:1 coaching

Coaching is a perfect compliment to this training and collaborating with one of our qualified Nature-Connected coaches will be available throughout the training at a discounted rate. The hardest person to see is yourself and having a Nature-Connected Coach working with you will help you see solutions and opportunities that may have been hidden from your awareness.


This program is community-focused. Outside of the live instructional sessions, you will work together with other like-hearted members in small groups focused on supporting each other’s success. Some of the greatest transformational experiences and breakthroughs for past students have been during these small group gatherings. Trust, compassion, and authenticity are the key to this wonderful opportunity.

"EBI changed my life. I learned skills to bring more depth to my coaching practice. I also became more connected to myself, to nature and to a greater sense of meaning in my life and work. The mentors and teachers at EBI were so supportive and skilled. Attending EBI was the best career decision I've ever made."
Sarah Hope
NCL & NCC Grad

Your Instructors

Daniel Brisbon

Daniel Brisbon is an Instructor teaching and Student Mentor in the Nature Connected Coaching NCC and Transformational Wilderness Guiding TWG programs at Earth Based Institute. He is a certified Nature Connected Coach.

Michael Jospe

Michael is the Founder of EBI. He is a Professional Coach, Wilderness Guide and developed the curriculum for the Nature Connected Coaching program. Michael is passionate about supporting others to live their Visions.

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