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Are you ready to transform your passion for nature into a career?

Our life coach certification program is a pathway to a nature-connected career.

Are you ready to connect to
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Earth Based Institute (EBI) is global leadership development organization dedicated to helping people connect to nature. EBI offers professional coaching certification for Nature-Connected Coaches and experiential learning for everyone.

EBI is a supportive place for people with a passion for nature to grow that passion into a meaningful career


  • Michael Jospé, MA, PCC Founder, CEO, Instructor
  • Derek Schmidt, MA, LPC Gestalt Therapy Instructor
  • Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP Trauma and Somatic Therapy Instructor
  • Daniel Brisbon, NCC, ACC, TWG
    Daniel Brisbon, NCC, ACC, TWG Admissions Guide, Instructor, Student Mentor
  • Julie Thomas, MA, LPC
    Julie Thomas, MA, LPC Grief and Loss Instructor
  • Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki NCC, TWG, MA
    Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki NCC, TWG, MA Program Director, Student Mentor, Instructor, Quest Guide
  • Sheri Peterson, NCC
    Sheri Peterson, NCC Student Mentor
  • Maria Rosa Galter
    Maria Rosa Galter Student Mentor
  • Anna Nielson
    Anna Nielson Admissions Guide, Administrative Assistant
  • David Fontaine, NCC, TWG
    David Fontaine, NCC, TWG Student Mentor, TWG Instructor, Quest Guide


This program combined the tools to connect deeply to nature and ourselves with really practical skills that we can use to serve other people.

— Karl
Nature Connected-Coaching℠ student

The program connects people to nature, with a heavy emphasis on brain change and neuroscience, and that was a big draw for me.

— Erica
Nature Connected-Coaching℠ student

I’ve gained a new community and that is inspiring—being around other people and realizing that nature is all around us all the time.

— Pete
Transformational Wilderness Guide student

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