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Lead with Nature

September 13-17, 2021 11am-12pm MST

Find Your Direction

Now is the time!  You’ve been hearing and feeling that pull inside to step towards your Soul’s calling.  Maybe it sounds like, “I know I’m here to help people in some meaningful way.” Or, maybe it feels like of sense of urgency inside that just won’t leave you alone.  You’re feeling the pull, but how do you start when the demands of life are tugging at you?

Join this next Community Adventure and learn some vital techniques that will help you stay organized, thoughtful, and INSPIRED! 

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"This course is a beautiful place to begin to journey with Earth-Based Institute. My experience was expansive, affirming and life changing! The course provided a framework for me to step into leadership, and also provided skills to help others step into leadership for themselves. Now more than ever, the collective NEEDS leaders , who operate from a place of deep connection."
Sue Nields
NCL Grad & NCC Student

Find your Community

When following the pull of Vision and soul, it can sometimes feel like you’re all alone. It certainly does when you try to explain what you’re seeing and feeling in your heart to someone who’s not 100% present with you. That can really “burst the bubble” and make you second guess yourself. Yet, you know it has to be important when that “soul-tug” surfaces again!

Join this next Community Adventure and get connected with a community of supportive and understanding individuals all working together to stay inspired to follow Vision.

"EBI changed my life. I learned skills to bring more depth to my coaching practice. I also became more connected to myself, to nature and to a greater sense of meaning in my life and work. The mentors and teachers at EBI were so supportive and skilled. Attending EBI was the best career decision I've ever made."
Sarah Hope
NCL Grad & NCC Grad

Find your next step

That moment of clarity that something radically needs to change in your life but you have no idea which direction to go or how to start can be so overwhelming. Maybe you get started, but it’s so challenging to stay committed to your goal.

There are two things that are so helpful in creating the accountability your need to following through.

  1. A community that is behind you.
  2. A coach that is supporting you to identify the next right step.

Join this next Community Adventure and get two coaching sessions with one of our Nature Connected Coaching students and become a member to our private Facebook group community that is focused on Leading with Nature! 

"My personal leadership has been reawakened to the point where it can't be denied or ignored. EBI puts a deep level of care and attention into every one of their students, creating an inclusive, supportive and family-like environment. It's like coming home...and the training sets you up to welcome others home."
David Fontaine

Program Details


Meet with EBI Instructors, Michael Jospe and Daniel Brisbon for one hour each day (Monday- Friday) to learn new techniques and tools designed to help you deepen into your connection to Nature and leadership.

$250 Value


Sign up for coaching and you will be partnered with one of our Nature Connected Coaching Students for two sessions that will be focused on supporting your growth through this training.

$140 Value


Join the private Facebook Group for this program. All the recordings and discussions for the webinars will be there as well as a wonderful group of inspiring people to connect with!


Meet Your Instructors

Daniel Brisbon

Daniel Brisbon is an Instructor teaching and Student Mentor in the Nature Connected Coaching NCC and Transformational Wilderness Guiding TWG programs at Earth Based Institute. He is a certified Nature Connected Coach.

Michael Jospe

Michael is the Founder of EBI. He is a Professional Coach, Wilderness Guide and developed the curriculum for the Nature Connected Coaching program. Michael is passionate about supporting others to live their Visions

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