Daniel Brisbon, NCC, ACC, TWGAdmissions Guide, Instructor, Student Mentor
    Daniel Brisbon is a teaching assistant and student mentor in the Nature Connected Coaching NCC and Transformational Wilderness Guiding TWG programs at Earth Based Institute. He is a certified Nature Connected Coach and Transformational Wilderness Guide who focuses on aligning people to a place of greater self-awareness and discovery in the great outdoors. He works with passionate and driven individuals that are seeking a greater bond and connection within themselves through their experience in nature. Daniel is working towards completing his credential of Associate Coach with the ICF. He has his own private coaching practice, Above Treeline Coaching (www.abovetreelinecoaching.com) and is based in Denver, CO. Visit his website for more information.
    Daniel also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo which has taught him how to integrate structured action steps and daily practices with his clients outside of their coaching sessions. His years in the world of construction taught him about seeing the end goal, planning & designing action and staying focused on the deeper need.
    He also has incorporated his years in the world of mountain bike racing to nature connected coaching as well. All those years of exploration and curiosity on his bike has taught him how to incorporate those same principles to his nature connected coaching practice.
    With his experience and training, Daniel strives to implement the deep work and discovery through his nature connected coaching with action steps and daily practices that set his students and clients up for success in their personal and professional lives.
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