Foundations of Health Coaching – Introduction to the Gut


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Course begins on May 4th

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Course Summary

This course focuses on identifying gut related issues and how to support your clients to wellness and health. So often as coaches we’re focused on goals, outcomes and the mental health of someones’ progress. This opens up a possibility of understanding the link between physiological challenges (specifically gut related issues) and how they can contribute to the challenges that our clients may face. 

This course will be a hands-on learning experience that uses case studies derived from course member’s lab reports* to better understand these links. Additionally, this course will teach you how, as a coach, you can work closely with a physician to support the overall wellbeing of your client. Not only will your understanding of your personal health improve, but you will enhance your professional scope of training as a coach. This course is the beginning of a focused track in health coaching that EBI will be developing over time. 

Coaches are wanted in the health field. Physicians offices, naturopathic offices and integrative healthcare clinics are eager to work with coaches who have an understanding of how to support the medical process that their patients are going through. This opens up a huge opportunity within business development as a coach, as well as specialized niche development.  

*lab work is included in cost of course

Check out this video where Michael and Dr. Shaun Riddle discuss the course!


Course Description

Course Overview

This is a live, 2 month training that meets weekly for 2 hours at a time through video conferencing. The course will be interactive, case-based and experiential.

Health Coaching is an emerging field that aligns with rising trends across the country showing that people are looking for guidance and support on diet, nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, lifestyle, and behavior change. Understanding the connections between physical and mental health can enhance your coaching and skills and add to your professional coaching repertoire. Imagine guiding your clients into deeper understanding of how their physical systems are impacting their ability to reach their personal and professional goals.

At its heart, the immune system recognizes ‘me vs. not me’.  If something is seen as ‘not me’, our body will attack it.  However, we are immersed in a world of ‘not me’….including our food. Our bodies often solve this problem through our digestive tract. Through examination of your own lab results (included in the cost of the program), we’ll explore the process of how this should work and the reasons that process can go sideways. Because so many health problems can be traced back to the gut, this is where we’ll focus for this course.

Course Objectives 

  1. Understand the link between gut related issues and personal growth in coaching
  2. Understand how to read lab work
  3. Learn how to work with a physician
  4. Gain understanding of building professional referral networks
  5. Identify indicators that gut related issues may be the root cause behind coaching related goals.

What’s Included?

  • Your own labs (comprehensive lab work valued at ~ $600) 
  • 2 months of class (16 hours of instruction) 
  • Opportunities for continued supervision from Dr. Riddle for you and your health clients at a reduced rate.

What can I expect if I sign up for this?

  • Combination of lecture and small classroom conversations
  • A few hours of homework and small group meetings in between sessions
  • Instructor will build on existing knowledge of the group
  • Case based learning with the bonus of it being very personalized – easier to retain the knowledge when it’s about you 
  • Course is less focused on diets, more focused on function and dysfunction in the gut – what is the root cause of health trouble?
  • This course does not result in a certified health coaching certificate
  • Students must be willing to share their lab results with others in the class (held confidentiality within the group) as we’ll be using our own tests as case studies and learning opportunities. Through this type of exploration you’ll not only learn a lot about your own health, but how to better understand and coach others in their health journey.


  • Meetings are 2 hours long, weekly for 8 weeks through Zoom. This results in 16 hours of live instruction.
  • The video conferences are where the course instructor will provide instruction, answer questions, and provide assignments.
  • Recordings of the sessions will be available to registered students. If you are unable to participate live, you can still watch the recordings and complete the program. 
  • You will have a few hours of homework in between sessions as well as participation in small group meetings with your classmates. 
  • Once registered you will receive login credentials for the EBI classroom and orientation video to help you get set up.

Schedule of Live Sessions 

Tuesdays 5pm-7pm Mountain Time 

  • Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Tuesday, May 11th , 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Week off
  • Tuesday May 25th, 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Tuesday June 1st, 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Tuesday June 8th, 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Tuesday June 15th, 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 5-7pm MST
  • Tuesday June 29th, 2021 5-7pm MST

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