Stay inspired, connected, and motivated! Each month, an EBI instructor will offer a 90-minute, live, experiential online course designed to motivate, educate, and inspire. These programs will be applicable both personally and professionally. Our aim is to create a super affordable way to stay in close connection with you through ongoing, high-quality conversations on topics like the following:

  • Resiliency through Nature Connection, Embracing the Unknown, Ancestral Health, Radical Daydreaming, Partswork, Vision Council, Building a Strong Purpose, Transforming Fear with Gratitude, Sense of Place, Staying Rooted with Belief, and the Sacred Pause.

Each session will include:

  1. Experiential practice
  2. A short informational lecture or presentation
  3. Community Connection

Each session will be recorded, archived and available to you during your membership. You will also have access, through forums and groups, to the entire family of members participating from around the world.  All courses will be taught in English.

Membership includes:

  • Access to live session
  • Access to recorded session archive
  • Community forums and group pages
  • Instructor support through email

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