Turn Your Passion For Nature & Helping Others Into A Profession

We have always found Nature to be our greatest teacher, healer and guide. Because our program is founded on this principle, we believe that's why people often feel an inner calling to this training.

We offer certifications in Nature-Connected Coaching and Transformational Wilderness Guiding

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The Nature Connected Coaching and Transformational Wilderness Guide certification programs are comprehensive trainings that blend the skills and techniques of professional life coaching with the unique skills of transformational wilderness work. The result is a highly trained professional who confidently knows how to collaborate with the natural world and the client to inspire intentional self-discovery, personal leadership, and support authentic and meaningful change.

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Many of our students have gone into the following careers after graduation:

Life Coaching, Outdoor & Wilderness Therapy, Leading Workshops & Retreats, Wilderness Guiding, Spiritual Coaching, Business & Executive Coaching, Wellness Coaching

 Location: Boulder, CO

Nature Connected Coaching (NCC)- 12-24 months
Transformational Wilderness Guiding (TWG)- 21 days

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Curriculum: Click here for the curricular outline

Low-Residency: The NCC program takes a year to complete. We meet five times for face to face intensives along with online coursework. The TWG program meets for nine days in July for the Wilderness Quest and then in August for the 14-day Wilderness Leadership Training portion of the program. This allows you to continue working during the certification programs.

Instructors: Michael Jospe MA PPC, Derek Schmidt MA LPC, Erin Tanner Jospe MA LPC, Katie Asmus MA LPC BMP, Rob Meltzer MA CEP

Credit: This program is approved by the International Coach Federation, the world's  largest coaching organizationfor 317.5 training hours. This satisfies the training requirements for the highest level of credentials: Master Coach. More than 17,000 graduates have participated in one of ICF’s three credentials, gaining coaching expertise and professional fulfillment. With an ICF Credential, coaches demonstrate not only knowledge and skill, but also a commitment to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics.

College Credit: 12 transferrable credits are also available through Western State Colorado University.  Our students have had success in receiving credit at other colleges and institutions as well.

Enrollment: Class size ranges from 8-16 students.  Our goal is to keep the classes small so that each student is given the attention they need.

Cost: Nature Connected Coaching- $9700
Transformational Wilderness Guiding- $3500 (optional)
Early registration discounts apply! 

Financial Aid: Scholarships and Loans are availble for Both programs.

Graduates will often say they are not doing this kind of work for the money but because it feels right and is in alignment with their values. We are right there with you, this path is an incredible gift. We feel it's important to honor the money side of life though when we say you can have a very profitable career following your passion for Nature.  To give an example, a Nature-Based Life Coach charges on average $75-$200 per hour and sessions typically last two hours. More than ever, people in our society are looking to Nature for answers and this makes you a very marketable professional.

In addition to giving you the tools to successfully transform the lives of your clients, we also will help you with how to market your business and how to find the right clients. We're here every step of the way to ensure that you have a viable career once you've completed the trainings.

If you believe in the therapeutic aspects of nature and are looking for ways to make that a career by helping others, please contact us for more information or apply below.

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