Acknowledging Last Year’s Wilderness Quest

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Acknowledging last year’s wilderness quest – A Piece by David Raffelock 

My story and vision from my quest continues to unfold, and today I’m feeling called to share a sliver of the magic of my quest. This year, we had a visitor at base camp – a young adult black bear (who Michael named Yogi). He had a gentleness, a curiosity, and playfulness that Michael and I fell in love with. Yet, beyond his presence, I knew in my soul that he had something to teach me. I looked back at my notes from my quest. My first (and only other bear encounter) happened on my quest in 2017.

That cub, three years ago, taught me to lean into my vision, trust my intuition and my process, and stop allowing fear of failure and financial insecurity to hold me back. Not too long after that bear medicine, I took a leap of faith and left the restaurant industry to start a career as a coach and wilderness guide. Three years later, I’ve circled back to a similar place. Yet again, I hear the call. This time to leave my job as a wilderness therapy guide and take the next step in my vision. In fact, I’ve heard the call for 6 months now. I’m sure you could guess what has held me back. Thank you, Yogi, for reminding me to step fully into my vision with courage and heart…

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